NliteN drops new single, “MOMMA NEED FREE”

Artwork by Rohan Mugdal

Almost immediately after dropping his debut album “!NFiNiT”, NliteN is dropping singles on Soundcloud. One of which is “MOMMA NEED FREE”.

One of the things I had discussed in my review of the album was that each song put emphasis on lyrical content while production took a logical step back, acting as an aid to the lyrics as opposed to a whole different element in itself. The album delivered what NliteN is best at, quick and witty lines that deal with issues he sees on his day-to-day.

This song, while still having intense lyricism, has that hard /bass heavy production that the album didn’t have. Notably, the production was also at the hands of NliteN. The song is easily playback material, whether you want to rap along to something or you want that loud bass for a party atmosphere.

“Got momma a discount 

But momma need free

She from the Deep South

Had me in the bean

I coulda dished out yeah

Cuz I gotta eat

I coulda stitched y’all

I Got the degree

My money free (x8)

Nigga witta attitude 

Ain’t so bad at school

Did it for the pat on back

Momma be so proud of you 

Lemme be surrounded by the people giving gratitude 

Spending too (!) too much time being mad at you

I tell em, don’t get mad at me

It’s about to be 

Me and my whole team winning

You ain’t seen the scene

You ain’t sipping lean

You ain’t got to refilling 

Had they presents resented

Had the records they ain’t spinning 

If he look like me, kill him 

It’s weed nigga, we get it 


Still don’t get mad at me

Shit is a lottery 

There’s is a lot of me 

This mean a lotta me 

But I got a light in me

Peep the lobotomy

Yeah pardon me 

Part of me really wanted to depart

I mean, yeah but Imma prodigy

So none of the bull shit ever bother me

Imma machine it’s inside of me

It’s pre-decided by god

Poseidón at sea

With a trident 

He still isn’t trying me 

I see the challenge and sign on the dotted, it’s nothing

Say hello goodbye to me 

I believe, all of the knowledge is gotten me farther then

Asking for likes and a following man

Ask for a dollar instead…eah

Talking bout Free!

Free is the mind 

Free from the bind 

Free is the grind

Sleep when I die 

(What can you buy?)

Nothing it’s fine 

Got the supply 

I wanna fly 

I said it twice

Y’all niggas fried

I ain’t surprised 

You wanna slice 

What’s is your price?

You can decide. 

I know what mine is”


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