A quick interview with Howard Jones, expect a new, heavy project coming soon


As many of you may know, since leaving Killswitch Engage, vocalist Howard Jones has come back from taking a breather from performing. His current band, LA-based Devil You Know, has two albums out and they are working on their third. Still in the writing process, there is yet to be a release date but fans should expect some new music coming from him soon.

They haven’t gotten too much buzz, but Devil You Know is actually pretty sick. For fans of Blood Has Been Shed and Jones’ heavier side, DYK is a nice return to that sound while maintaining Jones’ and DYK’s more recent metal sound. Vocally Jones seems to have returned to his roots a bit bringing back that hardcore vibe BHBS was known for while maintaining that sexy rich timbered singing voice. DYK is much more riff-y then BHBS, but that’s never a bad thing.
On top of that, Jones is working with founding member of Soilwork  Peter Wichers on a new project.

“I am starting another project. I am doing a project with Peter Wichers, who filled in for Adam when he had that emergency back surgery on our tour in Europe and the UK. Peter filled in, and we since became friends. Now we are doing a thing. No title, still trying to figure it out. Right now we are just demo-ing and writing a ton. That’s also what Im doing with DYK. I don’t know how I get involved with the things I do. Stuff just happens.” Howard said over a laugh.

Check out Devil You Know.




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