So about a month ago I wrote a story on rapper NliteN of the Food4Art camp that is currently based in Spain.  Food4Art, the artist collective that NliteN is a part of was founded and started by Mikl Mitchl, fellow rapper and entrepreneur who has since taken the collective from Boston/New York to Spain.  It seems that Food4Art is growing as Mikl Mitchl has taken the moniker BLKSWN and dropped a new video for his track SWNSNG.

The song is bumping, giving us that delivery that is popularized and now made familiar by the likes of Future and Desiigner, not to say it’s the same by any means.  The lyrical delivery shares the same woozy, almost tired voice, among the way phrases are paired in bursts of lines rather than a consistent speed of delivery throughout the song.  There is a point in the video in which BLKSWN makes a raps “AK K K K”, under the threat that someone is trying to take his money, repeating the K sound to also recreate gunshot sounds of a semi-automatic rifle.  That is the kind of lyrical content that really shined through in the video, BLKSWN is lyrically inclined and definitely talented with his wordplay.  His lyrical content also displays more of a feeling of anger than the previously mentioned rappers.  You can hear a growing frustration in each verse in the rappers voice, made much more apparent coupled with the video.

The video itself itself contains dark imagery.  BLKSWN is wearing all black.  BLKSWN’s squad hangs in the back, also wearing all black with their faces at times covered with bandanas.  The setting of the video is in an abandoned factory or a building of the like, adding to the dark imagery as well as giving the video of a literal sense of underground music.

Check out the video for BLKSWN’s SWNSNG here.