Coolie High Freestyle by DroBrown


About a week ago, Western Mass. rapper DroBrown dropped the video for Coolie High Freestyle off of his mixtape MissignoLVL146 .  Simply put, it’s weird in the best sort of ways.  The video, directed by Baby Genius featuring animation by 8 O’ Glock, opens up with low quality footage of schools of fish swimming around coral, eventually with DroBrown superimposed in the fish.  The coloring is all fucked up, and at times the vision is doubled and slowed as if you are all fucked up too.  It is fit for a 3 minute Adult Swim bump, reminiscent of when Adult Swim was premiering new Flying Lotus tracks before Aqua Teen Hunger Force would air.  The video entirely reminds me of that generation of weird kids who stayed up a little too late to watch Adult Swim, when the bumps featured weird artists that would end up defining ones taste in hip hop and ambient beats.  That weird nostalgia is completed with samples of Pikachu yelling “Pika!” or the “Chuu” Pikachu does when fighting in the Pokemon cartoons.  Through the samples and superimposed images of ocean creatures floating around, it hits that late night nostalgia.

 The beat is a classic boom bap drum beat style with some droney synths layered over it, and it’s interesting how DroBrown’s odd flow fits perfectly with what would be a pretty conventional beat.  The lyrics are at times funny and a purposefully lazy voiced, like a stoned daze, “I slept with her.  She came through.  Didn’t even text with her.  Matter of fact, didn’t even kiss her.  Just spritzed her.  Then missed her.” The track also features hypnotic chants that match the psychedelic imagery of the video. “In life you get what you want, reap what you sow” is said repeatedly, with that Pikachu sample going off in the background.  

Overall, the song is catchy and the video is interesting, in line with DroBrown’s style and the associated rappers of DarkWorld.  Great weird outsider rap is coming from Western Massachusetts, and I dig it.


Watch the Coolie High Freestyle here